Welcome To Trace's Candles! 412's Sweetest Smelling Candles!

  • Our 8oz Mason Jars

About Trace's Candles

Trace's Candles was originally named Trace's Candles and Gift in 2016. Back then we sold candles, handmade jewelry, and accessories. We took a break, but now we're back better than ever and now we're just selling our delicious smelling soy wax scented candles!

A Word To Our Customers

Every month we will add and remove different scented candles. So if a certain scent is your favorite please be sure to tell us, we will definitely continue to make them. We aim to please our customers! 

Fun Fact about Traces Candles

Traces Candles are not just delicious smelling soy scented candles. They can also be used as massage oil. Yes massage oil!